All You Need To Know Before Booking Flights to Montreal

All You Need To Know Before Booking Flights to Montreal

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The capital city of Quebec, Montreal is a stunning city in Canada, and booking flights to Montreal for a long vacation is a great idea for all those who love to travel. This spectacular city has an old-world charm that will make its way into your heart before you even realize it. This city offers great activities and beautiful places to explore. Once you decide to visit this place by booking cheap flights to Montreal, you can be sure that your holidays will turn out to be amazing. But before you can set out on your journey, here is a list of things that you might want to know before you can get on with planning for your big trip to this fantastic city.

Happy Hour is 5-à-7

Pronounced cinq-à-slept in both English and French, this is the Montreal version of the happy hour. All the pubs, bars, and restaurants in the city have this sign at the front. If you want to have a drink and enjoy a good time with your friends, then keep a lookout for this sign. Another interesting thing is that terrasse, which is pronounced as the terrace, is their word for outdoor seating. As the English people speak here takes a lot from Quebecois terminology, it is no surprise that they have different ways of different things.

It is a Festive City

Festivals are an essential part of the city of Montreal. No matter what time of the year it is, there will always be one or the other festival for you to enjoy. The months from June to September are especially favored by tourists looking to have fun at the festivals during the warm summer months. This city is a never-ending party, and you will stumble upon several live music sessions as you take a stroll through the city. The festivals alone make visiting Montreal worthwhile.

Choosing The Right Season is The Key

Canadian winter is famous all over the world for being very harsh and cold. That is precisely why you must choose the right time of the year to take your trip. If you are not someone who enjoys winters, you need to book your flights to Canada (Montreal) for the summers. Several festivals take place during the summer season, and there are lots to do at this time of the year. However, if you must travel during the winters, then you do not need to be disheartened as the Igloo fest is a great fest that you can enjoy even during winters.

It is a Bilingual City

It might come as a surprise to many that this Canadian city is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. Montreal comes second only to Paris, and this makes the city quite fascinating. However, you do not need to worry about the language barrier much when you visit. Learning the basic words and phrases will come in supremely handy when you come. As a vast population also speaks fluent English, you just need to get the basics right to be polite and make your way around the city easily.

18 and Older can Drink

Although most of the provinces in Canada have a legal drink of 19 years, Quebec is one of the few where you can start drinking a year early. If you are 18 and older, then there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a glass of beer here. The lower drinking age is another reason that Montreal is a popular destination for many youngsters. The pubs and bars around the city are brimming with young people from all over. Given the energetic atmosphere of the city, you will surely be able to have the time of your life here.

Quebec Beer is Amazing

Quebec is not only popular for its lower drinking age, but also for the fantastic beer they produce. Quebec Beer is some of the best that you will ever taste. Several local breweries produce some of the finest and most creative beer options. The alcohol level in the beer here is quite high. Any time you order a beer for yourself here, make sure that you remember that the beer in the city has a much higher level of alcohol content than the beer served around the world. If you are not careful, you can end up drinking way more than you can handle.

Driving Here is Tricky

Driving, in general, requires a lot of concentration, and you need to make sure that you abide by all the rules and regulations. Driving in a foreign country can be more difficult than driving around your neighborhood. As the different countries have different rules, you need to make sure that you are careful when driving. If you decide that you want to drive around Montreal, then you need to remember that turning right at the red light is not an option unless indicated otherwise. It is a hard and fast rule that you need to abide by whenever you are driving in the city of Montreal.

A Convenience Store is Called Dep

Convenience stores are fantastic as they offer you all the small things you need. Convenience store snacks are especially great when you are in a foreign country, as you can try out the local snacks. When you visit Montreal, you will realize that convenience stores here are called dep. You will hear this term thrown around all the time. Dep is short for depanneur, which is the French word for a corner store or convenience store. This means that you will need to go to dep whenever you want to buy anything. This information will surely come in handy when you visit the city. As Montreal is a popular destination for all those looking to have a great time, stop asking yourself why I should book my flight to Montreal and get on with planning your itinerary, so you do not miss out on anything here?