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There are few places in the world where locals and visitors alike have eternal smiles and laughter in their eyes. Welcome to Dominican Republic. a place to let your worries go and embrace the island life. Feel the grasp of a warm breeze as palm trees sway to merengue rhythms, find yourself refreshed by the cool turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea or set your wild side free on an adventurous excursion and feel the adrenaline awakening your senses — Dominican Republic has it all.

Santo Domingo, capital of Dominican Republic, is the most culturally rich destination in the Caribbean and arguably the most vibrant, preserving all the splendor of the colonial era. Visitors are captivated by the charm of its colonial buildings and contemporary hotels stationed in ancient cobbled streets, as well as the gastronomy reflected in the gourmet restaurants of both Dominican and international cuisine.
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Travel to the past while walking the cobblestone streets of the Colonial City and let your imagination be free to walk with the pirates and colonists who once inhabited it. The first city established in the New World, built by Bartholomew and Diego Columbus, still keeps the first structures of the Americas well-preserved and open to guests -- the centuries-old cathedral, hospital, university, monastery and historically significant Calle Las Damas beckon to travelers. 

This open system of Limestone caves has four natural pools Whose waters cast mysterious reflections of blue, green and yellow, created by tectonic fractures when underground caves collapsed centuries ago. They are surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites and are home to ancient drawings of the Taino Indians. Visitors can explore the caves through staggered trails surrounded by lush vegetation while keeping an eye out for native fish and turtles inhabiting the area. 
Near the city of Santo Domingo are two main beaches: Boca Chica —just 1 9 miles east of the capital, famous for its fine white sand and large crowds during weekends — and Juan Dolio — a relaxed tourist destination about 12 miles from Boca Chica with a large Variety of delicious restaurants.

Punta Cana is the most splendid and popular destination in Dominican Republic, with nearly 100 miles of the best beaches in the world. The coast surrounded by magnificent world-class resorts, spectacular turquoise waters, white sands and stunning palm trees, attracts vacationers from around the world who come to explore the area's natural treasures and enjoy its luxurious accommodations.
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Punta Cana's main attractions are the pristine beaches, consistently named among the most beautiful in the world. These border the meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea and boast warm, crystalline shores. Bright white sands create an unforgettable impression on visitors and complement the multi-shaded blue waters, the best beaches in Punta Cana are Juanillo, Punta Cana, Playa Blanca, Cabeza de Toro, Bavaro, El Cortecito, Arena Gorda, Macao and Uvero Alto.

For enthusiasts of the sport, Punta Cana continues to be a premiere Golf destination. It offers the largest selection of world-class golf, thanks to its 10 designer courses set up in the most magnificent resorts in the country.

Thanks to its great diversity, the Punta Cana region offers a variety of activities including diving and snorkeling, playing rounds of golf on designer courses, visiting family-oriented water parks with friendly dolphins and stingrays, and much more. You can also bring out your adventurous side and get your adrenaline fix by riding buggies through the jungle or enjoying adventure parks featuring zip lines, flight simulators, hiking trails and more. If you just want to relax, enjoy a refreshing swim in the springs and lakes in the area or one of the many fine, luxurious spas in the Caribbean.
At the foot of Pico Duarte, 1640 feet known as the region of eternal spring for Its pleasant temperatures throughout the year. With a mountainous landscape full of pine forest and numerous rivers, the region offers a variety of adventure and ecotourism activities.

Tubing, rafting, rappelling, canoeing, paragliding, horseback riding of mountain biking is just some of the adventurous activities Jarabacoa has to offer. On the other hand, Jarabacoa has a beautifully quiet golf course with 9 holes surrounded by a landscape of pine trees. Here, the tranquility of the mountains meets the adrenaline produced by its many rivers.

It's the highest mountain peak in the Caribbean, over 10,000 feet high. Pico Duarte can be reached by hiking for two, three or four days, depending on the cloudy forest of tropical pines.
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Located less than an hour from Jarabacoa, Constanza is the highest and coldest city of Dominican Republic at 3,800 feet above sea level. It has a high production of vegetables, strawberries and beautiful flowers as well as many tourist attractions like the Aguas Blancas waterfall, a pyramidrepresenting the four cardinal points of the island, and protected areas like Las Neblinas, Ebano Verde, and José del Carmen Ramirez national parks. Also, Valle Nuevo National Park with pine and green ebony trees forest perfect for bird watching and mountain trekking.
Puerto Plata, with beautiful beaches surrounded by lush vegetation, is an ecological paradise and a mecca for Water sports. Put on your adventure gear or diving fins — it's time to defy the laws of nature by cascading down waterfalls, windsurfing, diving, playing oceanside golf and much more. This hospitable town is full of fascinating activities, adrenaline, rich history and culture, as well as delicious cuisine.

Walk through streets lined by beautiful Victorian houses and buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries in the heart of Puerto plata, stopping at the fort San Felipe, built in 1541 by the Spanish, to admire the colonial architecture and visit the Amber Museum to the famous prehistoric gem found in abundance in this area. Gem reach the top of the heavens by taking a cable car ride 2,625 feet to the summit of Loma Isabel de Torres. Overhead, a replica of Brazil's statue of Christ the Redeemer is waiting with open arms. Feel the adrenaline as you discover one of the best-kept secrets of Dominican Republic, just south of Puerto Plata — the 27 Falls of Damajagua. Climb one of the many waterfalls to jump from its cliffs or slide downunforgettable natural waterslides.
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A mecca for water sports and one of the top 10 beaches in the world for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, Cabarete is known as a Kiteboarding Capital of the World. Throughout the year, the trade winds cause perfect waves and spectacular Conditions for the delight of water Sport lovers. From here, you can make excursions on foot, by horseback or by jeep to El Choco National Park to explore the caves and admire the surroundings nature.

This picturesque village IS famous for its huge, crescent-shaped beach with gentle waves and its marine sanctuary, making it an ideal area for diving and snorkeling. Sosua is a small hospitable area with comfortable restaurants neighbored by seaside bars, lively nightclubs and hotels.
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Along the southeast coast of Dominican Republic lies La Romana avast stretch of Sugar cane plantation around some of the most picturesque areas of the-country, with elegant accommodations and an unparalleled range of entertainment. La Romana, with its golf, beach and scuba diving options, is the ideal destination for families, couples, golfers and lovers of fishing and sailing. Don't miss the hidden gem of Altos de Chavon —an impressive replica of a sixteenth-century Mediterranean village, with cobbled streets and buildings made of blocks of coral Stone and terracotta, -Casa deCampo, one of the most complete and luxurious resorts of the Caribbean, and Catalina Island, perfect for snorkeling.
Located 25 minutes east of La Romana, Bayahibe was found in 1874 as an authentic fishing town. It offers a combination of pictuiesque beaches, majestic nature exquisite accommodation and fun attractions. This ecotourism region is home to the national flower the exotic Bayahibe Rose- and is an ideal locale for those who practice snorkeling and diving. The town also allows accesses to Saona island, whose enchanting beach has been selected as one of the best in the Caribbean.

The Samana Peninsula is a stunning paradise of majestic, crystalline waterfalls, pristine beaches lined with coconut palms, mountainous hills, and an infusion of rich culture and history. This peninsula is a natural jewel - a hidden gem yet to be explored by those seeking adventure, nature and romance.
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Visit Saito El Limon, considered one of the most spectacularWaterfalls in the country; Salto El Limon thrills you as water falls from more than 160feetto a natural pool where you can enjoy a in swim, and Cayo Levantado, this idyllic island, has become One of the best tourist destinations in the area to relax sunbathe, enjoy the delicious Dominican gastronomy, dive and snorkel in the company of colorful fish. 

Los Haitises– “high land” in the Taino language. is a unique and very diverse protected area of approximately 232 square miles, consisting of mangroves, karst mountains, inlets and-bays/lt is easily accessible by a boat ride through Samana Bay and is renowned for its magnificent limestone caves covered with Taino arun the mangroves, visitors will find a variety of lush flora and fauna to admire.
From January to March each year, Samana Bay is a sanctuary for 3000-5000 humpback whales that mate and winter in the warm waters of Dominican Republic. You can appreciate this wonder of nature from a boat while watching the whales frolicking at a distance, or if you prefer to see them from the mainland, visit the Whale Observatory in Punta Balandra.
Barahona and Pedernales are two of the best-kept secrets of Dominican Republic, offering a remarkably diverse landscape. The striking contrast between pristine beaches, majestic mountains and arid areas combined with the presence of small boutique hotels encourages sustainable tourism and adventure.

Located just over one hour from Barahona, Lago Enriquillois the largest saltwater lake in the Caribbean and, at 138 feet below sea level, it is the lowest point in the Caribbean.It serves as a sanctuary for flocks of pink flamingos, and its high Salt content is ideal for the residing American crocodiles.
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Jaragua National Park is the largest national park in Dominican Republic and one of the country's natural treasures. Located in Pedernales, it is well known for its different types of cactus and the 130 bird species it houses. The weather here is mostly warm with low precipitation - ideal for hiking.

Located at Jaragua National Park, this beach dazzles visitors with its soft white sand, clear water and rocky high coast. Its pristine beach considered one of the most beautiful in the country, is home to manatees, sea turtles, lobsters and a variety of colorful fish.

Dominican Republic occupies two thirds of the east side of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Republic Haiti, and is the second largest country and most diverse in the Caribbean with an area of approximately 18,704 mi2 – about the size of Maine and Vermont combined. It has a population of about 1O million. Santo Domingo is the capital.

The local time zone is Eastern Cari bean Time (GMT -0400).Dominican Republic does not observe-daylight savings time.

Spanish is the official language. However, the majority of employees in hotels and tourist destinations speak relatively good English, French, German, Italian and more.

The Dominican peso (RD$) is the official currency.

Operates at 110 Volts/60 Hertz, the same as North American.

For most visitors, a valid passport along With a US$10 Tourist Card (available online or at the airport) is required enter the country. Any person, no matter their nationality, can enter with a Tourist Card if they are a legal resident or if they have one of the following valid visa In their passport: United States, Canada, united Kingdom Schengen. or more information:

For information about Dominican Republic hotels and accommodations visit and the Hotel and Tourism Association

Experience the happiness of the Dominican culture set to the contagious rhythm of Merengue— the country's national dance and music — at any bar-in the country. Dominican Republic's capital of Santo Domingo is the most culturally and historically rich city thanks to the many museums, theaters and cultural centers. Dominican culture is also famous for its picturesque gastronomy, thanks to a blend of native Taino, African, Spanish and Arabic influences. Typical dishes use rice, meat, plantains and beans among its main dishes are the seven-meat stew (sancocho), mofongo, mangu, goat roast, fish with coconut and a coconut or milk-based dessert. The country also stands out for its passion for baseball; it's the land of Juan Marichal, Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, Vladimir Guerrero, David Ortiz, Robinson Cano and José Reyes, to name a few.

Celebrated annually every Sunday of February and until mid-March, this is one of the most popular holidays in the country. The most famous character of this festivity is the "Diablo Cojuelo" - not a representation of a malicious "diablo" or devil, but rather a mockery of one. This mischievous character introduces noise, mischief, dance and happiness to Carnival celebrations ina costume featuring an adorned cap, colorful Wide pants and flashy mask.

Dominican Republic boasts a wide variety of shopping options, with everything from recognized international brands to local designs. Malls, stores and markets offer many articles and exclusive souvenirs at great prices — the most popular souvenirs being guayaberas, amber or larimar Jewelry, rum, beer, cigars, Dominican music, Taino art, paintings, carvings, ceramics and the popular clay 'faceless' dolls. Also, cacao, mamajuana, coffee and other Dominican treats.

Dominican Republic is the best destination in the Caribbean for adventure and ecotourism. Its protected national parks and scientific reserves make up 25 percent of the landscape, most with facilities open to visitors. The island boasts nine distinct ecological zones and is home to both the highest and lowest points in the Caribbean: Pico Duarte, at 1 0,128 feet above sea level and the lowest-lying lake, Lake Enriquillo at 138 feet below sea level.

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